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Desktop Dining: What are you Snacking on?

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Eating Healthy at Work:  Tips for Keeping the Healthy Lives Fundamentals in your Workday  by Marcy Bowman, RDN, CDE Plan Ahead – Not having healthy snacks or lunch options on hand makes it easy to give in to unhealthy food choices. If you are hungry and don’t have a healthy option readily available, it may be… Read More »

Healthy Egg Muffins!

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Don’t have time to for a healthy breakfast? Think again! Egg muffin cups are convenient and easy. They can be made in advance, refrigerated and reheated for a quick breakfast on-the-go! Packed with veggies, these little egg delights can be eaten with a piece of toast, a cup of yogurt or simply with your morning… Read More »

Healthy Solutions!

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As more people across the nation are becoming health conscious, finding a healthy snack option on-the-go can be a challenge. Many employers are reaping the benefits of an innovative tool that’s paving the way for a healthier environment! Successful workplace wellness programs include policies that support and encourage making healthier decisions. A healthy vending policy… Read More »

Monthly Workout: Plyometrics

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The Plyometric workout is a high impact, intense workout that improves power, performance, and stamina. This workout will burn maximum calories by elevating your heart-rate into the anaerobic zone for a short period of time. This type of workout has also been shown to improve bone density and muscle strength. Make safety a priority! Always… Read More »

Eating Breakfast on the Go – What Does It Cost You?

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See the chart below to help you make healthier choices when eating out. You can decide if you can fit in 122 minutes of walking to compensate for the calories consumed at breakfast. Breakfast Serving Size Sugar Fat Calories Walking Time Chicken Biscuit 1 biscuit 6 g 20 g 440 122 min. Sausage Griddle 1… Read More »

Plan For Success

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Eating five or more servings of vegetables and fruit each day, maintaining proper portion control, eating low fat, low calorie foods and exercising at least 30 minutes to an hour every day are the recommended Healthy Lives Fundamentals to lose weight, improve or maintain your health, and improve your quality of life. How can you… Read More »