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As more people across the nation are becoming health conscious, finding a healthy snack option on-the-go can be a challenge. Many employers are reaping the benefits of an innovative tool that’s paving the way for a healthier environment! Successful workplace wellness programs include policies that support and encourage making healthier decisions. A healthy vending policy does just that! Employees choose healthier vending options at a higher rate when there is greater volume and a variety of healthy options. That rate goes up even further when the healthy choices are highlighted with special signage and placement. Offering a discounted price for the healthier options has also been shown to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) has embraced healthy vending by implementing all three at all of their facilities across the state of Louisiana. They began by establishing a policy requiring that at least half of the contents of all vending machines and canteens must be considered healthy-based upon criteria such as calorie, fat, and nutritional content. The healthier choices meet the system’s Healthy Lives campaign goals, promoting health and wellness. They also meet the national guidelines with over 200 products to suit a wide-range of health needs. Each vending machine is stocked with a variety of healthy snacks, food and beverages for all team members to enjoy, conscious free. You can even find organic and gluten-free treats stocked inside!

The new vending machines have only been in place a month and team members are already buzzing about the healthy selections. Fresh fruit and yogurt are at the top of the list, while many enjoy having a light and crisp salad option for lunch. Protein bars are also a big hit, providing a convenient and fast way to fuel up for the day. Options seem to be endless with milk and juice recently added to the machines.

Some team members are not limited to the variety of choices in vending machines.  Avenue C is an automated retail alternative to support healthier lifestyles. It provides several of healthy goodies and lunch options, including trending products that might only be found in larger stores or markets. It’s just another way to make wholesome food choices more accessible to team members.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a priority for our team and leaders stand behind this healthy solution. Charles Goldwait, Project Director for FMOLHS says, “The vending review offered us the opportunity to leverage our size and scale, standardize food and nutrition vendors, improve healthy choices and update equipment and technology.”

Healthier workers make for happy employees who are also more productive. On top of wellness coaching, health education programs, complementary therapies and professional health advice, FMOLHS and Healthy Lives are leading the way to support a healthier community and environment!

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