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Healthy Lives member Stachia Marioneaux is on the path to better health. She completed her first wellness screening last month and learned that she was just eight pounds shy of a healthy BMI. “I’ve always been physically active but life gets busy. The wellness screening results help me to refocus on my health.” Stachia is the marketing director for Our Lady of the Lake College – A Franciscan University, a position that keeps her busy, leaving little time to fit in an exercise regimen. Now she is committed to tackling the weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight with the help and support of the Healthy Lives program.

With an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases in the working-age population, the Department of Labor reports that there is a growing increase in wellness programs among employers. The goal of workplace wellness programs is focused on prevention, wellness, and pro-active disease management. Registered nurses are staffed to check blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Programs also offer health coaching services to employees who are at risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The Centers for Disease Control determined that an effective wellness program can reduce health risk and improve the quality of life. Not only do participants benefit from the program by achieving healthy numbers, but they also have an opportunity to earn incentives. Wellness program incentives can range from bonuses to insurance premium reductions. They can also include contributions to a health savings account.

Although Stachia’s numbers didn’t add up at her wellness screening, she says the key is to screen early. “Initially, I was discouraged. But I learned that I have until September 30 to reach my goal!” Stachia plans to enroll in the Healthy Lives Go Healthy! program to help drop the pounds and keep them off.

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