Four Reasons Why You Should Care About Wellness Screenings

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Did you know that men make half as many physician visits for prevention and wellness screenings as women? June is Men’s Health Month, a perfect opportunity to establish a relationship with a primary care provider to take control of your health. Besides the health benefits, here are four more reasons you should screen:

  1.  Your Family

Want to watch junior hit a walk off home run or walk your daughter down the aisle? Regular wellness screenings can help catch easily preventable conditions before they turn into long-term problems.

  1. Your Partner

Don’t give your loved one reason to worry. The more time you have together, the more you can drive each other crazy, in a loving way, of course.

  1. Your Friends

Junk food and drinks with your buds should be the exception and not the rule. If you don’t take care of your body by making healthier choices, your poker nights and fun with the guys could be limited.

  1. Your Parents

As your parents get older, they’ll need you to help them navigate the illness that can come with aging. Being at your best will ensure you’ll be there for them like they were for you.

Make your health a priority and get screened for the ones you love. Click here for an infographic to see which screenings you need based on your age.

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