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Holiday season is here. For many of us, this festive time means a calendar full of parties, functions and an overabundance of great food. So, is getting through the holidays without weight gain possible? Yes it is! Here are some helpful tips to prevent overindulgence during your holiday celebrations.

Avoid skipping meals. Eat a balanced snack prior to your function to prevent extreme hunger and overeating.

Don’t wear clothes that are baggy or have a stretchy waistband. Wearing a belt or clothing that is fitted around the waist can make you more aware of your fullness and cue you to stop eating.

Do a walk through. Survey the party spread and prioritize 1-2 treats you want the most and allow for a small portion of each. Focus on filling your plate with low calorie, yet filling foods such as the veggies and fruits.

Let your plate control your portion. Use the smallest plate available and don’t make a tower.

Drink plenty of water or non-caloric beverage to help you feel full. Also, keeping a low calorie beverage in hand during a function can decrease the temptation of continued snacking.

Limit alcohol. Alcoholic beverages tend to be calorie dense items. Avoid drinks with sugary mixers, like fruit juices or sodas. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or non-caloric beverage.

Don’t dwell around the food. Once you have eaten, move away from the areas with food to decrease the temptation to continue eating.

Engage in other activities. Focus on catching up family and friends. For family gatherings, plan alternate activities that take the focus away from food.

If you are asked to bring a dish, bring a vegetable dish or opt for recipe that has been modified to lower the sugar and/or fat content.

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