Hydration, Made Simple!

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According to Dr. Michele Salassi with Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group in Denham Springs, it’s not harmful for healthy people to drink large amounts of water as long as it’s balanced by water losses. Because healthy people are able to control their water consumption, most will not drink too much water. But occasionally, people drink more than needed so quickly that their bodies cannot get rid of the excess. This is most common in endurance athletes, like marathoners and triathletes, and can lead to dangerous electrolyte imbalances. Although rare, you can help prevent this by drinking sports drinks when exercising for more than an hour and avoiding excessive hydration.

Drinking enough water is vital to one’s health, and staying well-hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated. Dr. Salassi shares these simple steps to help ensure you drink enough water:

  • Bring a water bottle with you or keep one close by at work.
  • Order water instead of sugary beverages at restaurants.
  • Eat foods that are high in water content, like fruits and vegetables.
  • During hot summer months, take frequent water breaks, especially while being active.

Click here to read Dr. Salassi’s article in its entirety.

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