Milk Jug and Water Bottle Workout!

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That’s right! There’s no need for a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment. Just grab a milk jug and water bottle and get into shape in the privacy of your home!

You will need:
2 milk jugs filled to correct weight for your fitness level
2 full water bottles
1 kitchen chair
1 towel

Weight intensities for fitness levels
*Beginners Exercisers: 1 – 3 pounds* of water in each milk jug
*Intermediate Exercisers: 4 – 6 pounds* of water in each milk jug
*Advanced Exercisers: 6 – 8 pounds* of water in each milk jug

SAFETY: Keep stomach pulled toward the spinal column, head stays in line with the backbone and breathe out when lifting the weight. Increase the intensity of the workout by increasing the water in the jug until it is a pound heavier or increasing the number of repetitions per set.

Now, let’s get started on the legs!

3 sets of 10 repetitions, (1 milk jug, 1 kitchen chair)
Starting position: Sit on the edge of the chair, feet flat on the ground and shoulder width apart, abdominals (tummy) pulled toward your backbone, head aligned with back bone, and milk jug hanging between the thighs.
Action: Your movement should be slow and controlled. Slowly stand up pushing through the heels, squeezing the buttock as you stand. Slowly bend your knees, when your buttock just touches the chair begin to stand pushing through the heels, squeezing the buttock. This completes one repetition.

3 sets of 10 repetitions, (1 or 2 milk jugs – depends on fitness level)
Safety: Keep your head aligned with backbone, hips under head and front knee behind the front toes.
Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder width apart with right leg forward. (1 jug: hold at the belly button during the work; 2 jugs: one on either side of the forward leg during the work)
Action: Lower your body by bending the front knee. When the thigh is parallel with the ground, pause for a second raise your body by pushing through the front heel.

3 sets of 10 repetitions, (2 water bottles or 2 milk jugs)
Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, head aligned with the backbone, hips directly under shoulders, knees slightly bent, and arms hanging by your side with a weight in each hand.
Action: Raise your body up onto your toes-all 10 of them-hold for 2 seconds then lower back to a standing positions. This completes one repetition.


2 Cups Water = 1 Pound
4 Cups Water = 2 Pounds
6 Cups Water = 3 Pounds
8 Cups Water = 4 Pounds
10 Cups Water = 5 Pounds
12 Cups Water = 6 Pounds
14 Cups Water = 7 Pounds
16 Cups Water = 8 Pounds

There is more to come to this three-part, full body workout! October’s Milk Jug and Water Bottle Workout will focus on core strength and in December, we’ll help you get  your upper body in great shape!

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