Reducing Health Risks

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If your employer offers a wellness program, don’t take it for granted! Your screening numbers can lead to vital insights into your overall health. Samantha Guidry, Registered Nurse & Health Coach Manager for Our Lady Health System, believes that annual health screenings are valuable to every employee. She says, “Screenings can provide a summary of your current health and identify potential risk factors early so referrals can be made to the member’s primary provider for follow up.”

Health and wellness screening results can also help tailor programs and initiatives to serve the unique needs of a population. For instance, if your company’s overall blood glucose screenings cause a concern, health coaching programs can be designed and implemented to help control glucose levels for that specific group. “Being able to sit with a clinical health coach during a screening session allows for dialogue about possible changes in lifestyle behaviors that could improve blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and overall health” says Guidry. In most cases, corporate wellness programs offer immediate feedback on your biometric values along with suggestions for follow-up coaching programs if the employee is at risk.

Knowing and monitoring your numbers can be key in reducing your health risks. It only takes 20 minutes to screen which is time well spent on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

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