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New research shows that diving into a page-turner increases a person’s lifespan. The Yale University of Public Health found that curling up with a good book does more than stave off dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; it can also change the face of aging. A half-hour of reading paper books per day is all it takes.

The Yale study found that people who read paper books for up to 3.5 hours per week were 17 percent less likely to die over the study’s 12-year follow-up period, compared to those who read no paper books. Those who did not read physical books for more than 3.5 hours per week were 23 percent less likely to die than those who read no books. In general, book readers live an average of two years longer than those who don’t read.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, research also found that keeping the brain active seems to increase its vitality and may build reserves of brain cells and connections generating new brain cells.

In a world of growing technology, many readers have transitioned to electronic media. The health benefits of reading electronic books is not known. However, at least 80 percent of Americans who read E-books continue to read printed books as well, according to the Pew Research Center.

So, whether you lose yourself in a work of fiction or find yourself knee deep in research, the simple pleasure of reading a good book could be the answer to a longer shelf life.

Bury your nose in a book for a longer, happier and healthier life!

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