The Struggle Is Real

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Healthy Lives member Tammy A. with the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge has been on her weight loss journey for most of her life. She is a busy professional who commutes 10 hours per week, and like many, struggles to fit in time to exercise and to eat healthy.

Prior to her employment at the Diocese, she joined Weight Watchers through her employer and found that the group setting and structure gave her the support she needed to lose 40 pounds. When her access to Weight Watchers ended, she began to see her weight slowly increasing.

In an effort to stay in control and to lose her last 10 pounds, Tammy enrolled in the Healthy Lives Go Healthy! program and started working with her Wellness Coach, Samantha Guidry, RN.

“Tammy was so engaged and really made a clear effort every step of the way,” commented Samantha. “Every choice mattered to her.”

Tammy found the Healthy Lives Fundamentals, the foundation for the Go Healthy! program, easy to follow and appreciated Samantha’s support to help her stay motivated. In February 2016, she finished her first 12-weeks of Go Healthy! and continues to work the plan to reach her goal.

“It’s not easy, and every minute of the day, you have a choice to live healthier,” said Tammy. “I continue to carry my old driver’s license as a reminder of how far I’ve come and where I don’t want to be.”

Tammy’s Top Tips for Success

  • Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Tammy has found the Farm to Work program helps her achieve this goal.
  • Plan ahead. Tammy keeps exercise clothes at her desk and finds batch and crock pot cooking helpful to eat better during the week.
  • Get support. A wellness coach, support group, friends and family members help to keep her accountable and inspires her when she gets down.


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