Three Reasons to Try Group Exercise

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Are you bored with your current exercise routine? You might want to consider a group exercise class to liven things up. Start by giving group exercise a try:


  1. Many health clubs offer free trial offers. Take advantage of this and try a variety of classes. You may love shaking your hips in a Zumba class or be thankful for water aerobics which eases the impact on your joints.
  2. A good instructor will keep you coming back for more. Look for group classes that are full with people laughing and smiling. Good instructors engage you, lead you, explain exercise variations, make you laugh and motivate you to want to continue and come back.
  3. Exercising with friends is fun. You are also more likely to show up for an exercise class if your friends are counting on your to be there.

The key is to find an activity you love and stick with it!

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