Breast Cancer Awareness: Eating Tips

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Talk with your doctor or nurse about referring you to a dietitian if you are unsure what to eat during cancer treatment. Include plenty of protein and calories when you are able to keep up your strength. Eat when you are hungry. This may mean only one big meal during the day with high calorie nutrition support to follow. To reduce the risk of infection, scrub all raw fruits and vegetables before eating. Be sure to cook all meat, poultry, and eggs thoroughly.

More healthy tips:

  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially on the days when it is difficult to eat solid foods.
  • Be sure that all fruit juices, milk products and honey are pasteurized.
  • Talk with your doctor, nurse and dietitian before going on any special diets or taking any other supplements.
  • Talk with your loved ones about ways to manage your eating and gentle support.

More resources:
National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC.
Susan G. Komen
CDC: Breast Cancer Awareness

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