Eating Right for a Healthy Weight

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Yes, you are what you eat! A big part of slimming down requires a healthy diet. Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal, it’s important to maintain good eating habits. Change your lifestyle and move toward a healthier weight!

Try these seven tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to get you started and help keep you on the right path.

Start with a plan for lifelong health. Focus on the big picture—achieving overall good health—not just short-term weight loss.

Set healthy, realistic goals. You are more likely to succeed in reaching realistic goals when you make changes step-by-step. Start with one or two specific, small changes at a time. Track your progress by keeping a food and activity log.

Get a personalized eating plan. Go to for a plan that will give you the amounts of each food group you need daily. If you have special dietary needs, consult a registered dietitian for a customized plan.

Eat at least three meals a day and plan your meals ahead of time. Whether you’re eating at home, packing a lunch or eating out, an overall eating plan for the day will help keep you on track.

Balance your plate with a variety of foods. Half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, about one-fourth with lean meat, poultry or fish, and one-fourth with grains. To round out your meal, add fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt or cheese.

Start your meal with low calorie foods like fruits, vegetables and salads. These foods are packed with nutrients your body needs.

Focus on your food. Pick one place to sit down and eat at home. Eating while doing other things may lead to eating more than you think. Also, switching from a large plate to a smaller one may help you feel satisfied with reduced portions.

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