Trick Your Taste Buds with Healthy Treats

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Haunted houses, horror movies and scary masks are not the only frightening things about Halloween. This time of year can be the beginning of a three-month, holiday weight gain.

Sugary, fat-filled treats seem to start appearing on co-workers’ desks, in waiting areas, on every aisle of grocery stores, even on your kitchen counter. It is hard to avoid giving into the temptation of these treats throughout the day.

Remember, each piece of candy means extra calories, which can translate into weight gain. An extra 3,500 calories in one week can mean 1 pound of weight gain. Consider the fact that one serving of miniature peanut butter cups contains 210 calories and 12 grams of fat. That means just five peanut butter cups and a handful of candy corn can easily add an extra 500 calories in one day. What can we do to make this holiday the beginning of a healthier holiday season?

Buy healthy snacks to replace the traditional Halloween treats. Miniature granola bars, small boxes of raisins, mini-popcorn bags, and whole fruits are great treats that can be lower fat and lower calorie. Handing out non-food treats to the trick-or-treaters, such as stickers, crayons, or pencils, is another great option to help eliminate unhealthy treats.

Avoid the temptation to have “just one more.” Keep treats out of sight. If possible, buy a limited amount of candy that you do not like the day before Halloween. Avoid opening the package until trick-or-treaters start arriving and, hopefully, the candy will be all gone by the end of the evening. If you have tubs of leftovers, CLICK HERE to learn more about the Halloween Candy Buy Back program.

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