A Journey to Weight Loss and Better Health

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Fit and fabulous! JoAnn Lacombe, a Registered Nurse at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, is living the life – the healthier life! After several failed attempts to lose weight, JoAnn is now sharing her life-changing journey to a healthier weight.

In December 2016, JoAnn and her husband made the commitment to realign their priorities. That included taking control of their physical health. They set out researching the dos and don’ts of healthy eating. They even began writing in a journal to help realize what lifestyle changes were needed. The couple discovered what worked for them in their 30s was not enough to get them through their 50s. Making a change was crucial!

After a year of dieting and working out, JoAnn was disappointed to see that she hadn’t lost a pound! She also failed to reach her annual screening goals. During her yearly check-up, her primary care doctor reminded her of the Go Healthy! program offered by Healthy Lives. Instead of battling the weight alone, JoAnn and her husband turned to the Go Healthy!  program to support their efforts.

The 12-week program proved true to its mission. JoAnn and her husband took what they learned from Go Healthy! and combined it with their personal research to formulate a satisfying meal plan and the two stuck with it! Today, JoAnn is 30 pounds lighter while her husband has shed a remarkable 50 pounds.

JoAnn says the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle are invaluable: “My sleep patterns have changed, I’m less irritable, I’m able to participate in more activities for longer periods of time, I have more stamina. I can take the stairs now with no shortness of breath.”

JoAnn’s advice:
Start small! She says setting obtainable goals worked for her.

For more information about Go Healthy! call 1 (855) I AM HEALTHY (426-4325).

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