Family Traditions

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According to an American Psychological Association study, consistency is important to the health and well-being of families. Research gathered over the past 50 years revealed that routines and rituals are extremely helpful when it comes to meeting the busy demands of life.

Routines define what needs to be done and a commitment to getting those things completed. Sticking to a routine offers stability during times of stress and transition.

Some family routines include:

  • Daily routines for work and school mornings
  • Weekly routines for household chores
  • Seasonal routines for holidays and family gatherings

Rituals define who you are as a group or a whole. They also provide continuity in meaning across generations, strengthening shared beliefs and values. Family members can gain a sense of belonging by participating in family rituals.

Some family rituals include:

  • Playing a particular game in the car during family vacations
  • Eating at a certain restaurant on a set day of the week
  • Making special rules for a card game or outdoor sport

Routines and rituals can build strong bonds. When creating new ones or revamping old ones, allow every member of the family to be involved. Make it a family affair!

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