Screening Results Hit Home

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David W. was aware he needed to exercise and lose weight. His wife, family and physician often advised him that he needed to take better care of his health, but it wasn’t until he completed his Healthy Lives screening in April 2015 that he was ready to hear the message. He screened a day after his 46th birthday and weighed 287 pounds. A member of the screening team talked to him about his screening results, which were almost all “in the red,” and warned him of the importance of making changes.

“The visual of the red categories outside of the normal range on the screening handout was very powerful,” said David. He immediately contacted his family physician to discuss his results to come up with a plan. In addition, he enrolled in wellness coaching to provide him with support and accountability. Calorie counting, portion control and a daily goal for his steps are his main strategies to control his weight.

“I have been impressed with credibility and professionalism of the Healthy Lives team,” said David. “They truly practice what they preach and that has helped me to finally hear the message and really change.

To date, David has lost more than 65 pounds and has eliminated the need for two blood-pressure medicines.

  1. You have to be ready for change. It wasn’t until screening in April that the message finally hit home.
  2. Track your progress. David weighs himself every day and writes down everything he eats and stays within 1,500 calories a day.
  3. Use wellness coaching. The support and accountability were especially important the first few weeks as he adopted new behaviors and eating habits.

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