Six Steps to Cut Your Expenses to Help You Save More

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Whether you are cutting costs because you need or want to, the process can be manageable and fun! Campus Federal Financial Education Director Blaine Grimes shares six things you can do to start cutting your expenses and saving more.

  1. Start a budget. This may seem too simplistic, but it can change the trajectory of your finances. Can you imagine coming to work without a plan? How much do you think you would accomplish? Having a budget does not mean you are restricting your finances, it simply means you have a plan for your finances. Make sure you control your money, not the other way around.
  2. Shop with a list. Have you ever went to the grocery store to pick up a “few” items, but then you end up leaving with a full buggy? We have all been there. Make a list, and stick to it. This also helps to eliminate the junk food that is bad for your body or your wallet!
  3. Bring your lunch to work. Yikes! It’s hard to eat cheap away from home. This is one of the best things you can do right now. Just give it a try. Your bank account will love you!
  4. Beware of the sales. Have you ever bought more than you needed just because the sale was good? Watch out for the “Two for One” deals. You may be able to buy the one product cheaper somewhere else. Thankfully, we live in a competitive shopping market. It’s easy to go to another store or simply check prices online.
  5. Buy used items. Used is the way to go! Now before you stop reading this tip, really think about the math on this. The best example is new cars vs. used cars. A quick Google search shows how much value you lose on a new car when you drive it off the lot. Also consider buying used furniture, tools, golf clubs and other items to save even more.
  6. Sign up for a financial electronic newsletter. If you are reading this, you are probably already on the right track! Getting tips like these help you adjust your budget plan and increase your Financial IQ. There is no such thing as knowing too much about your finances!

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