Staying Motivated When You Get Off Course

Posted on: January 3, 2018 by Healthy Lives No Comments

When you are successful it is easier to stay motivated, but how do you keep your momentum going when you stop feeling motivated? The primary difference between a successful person and a person who lives with chronic failure is the ability to confront and determine how to accomplish healthy behaviors in the face of challenges. Change your way of thinking and view any barriers to your success as simple problems for you to solve.

Here are five common problems with a solution to help you get back on track.

Problem: I am a stress eater.
Solution: Get full on low-calorie foods like raw vegetables, fruit or popcorn.
Problem: I don’t like vegetables or fruit.
Solution: Be willing to try something you have not tried recently. Food preferences change with age.
Problem: I have a sweet tooth.
Solution: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolaty and creamy meal replacement shake.
Problem: I don’t like to exercise.
Solution: If you do it long enough, you may appreciate how it makes you feel, even when you prefer to skip it.
Problem: I just need a little break.
Solution: Treat the fundamentals as nonnegotiable behaviors for your health. Do them, no matter what! If you don’t, you could easily slip into your history of failure.

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